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Training Centre

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Coffee Roaster & Training Centre

We can advise you on the extensive range of Spanish & Turkish YUCEL Coffee Roasters. We can offer to your new or existing Coffee Roasting Shop, Cafes or Club, Roasters from 150 Grams for home use, and 1 Kg, 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 15 Kg, 30 Kg up to 120 Kg for professional use plus a range of accessories. GO Barista can provide you the very best in Coffee Roasting training with Serge Siboni Master Coffee Roaster, learn the mysterious art of turning green beans into darkly aromatic gems. Blending coffee and knowledge of coffee around the world can be added to your training. Your personal training can be done from the Gold Coast or your premises any where in Australia and New Zealand.*

* Accommodation & Travel charges apply

Training Package

My training course includes within 8 hours a program’s call “Raw to Roast”

You will learn:

* Raw coffee and origins
* Blending
* Smell and taste of coffee
* The problems
* The coffee
* The grinding
* The mysterious art of turning the green beans into a darkly aromatic gems.
* The flavour of coffee
* The coffee growing regions
* The decaffeinated coffee and caffeine
* The coffee regions and roasting guidelines
* And finally the roasting practice.

* Bookings essential.

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