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The History Of Serge Siboni

Our master coffee roaster since 1972 and founder of Go Barista

History of go barista

For Serge Siboni the coffee business began as a 12-year old boy in France during the school holidays. At that age he began working with his father Albert Siboni, a Master Torrefacter (coffee roaster) since 1966 in Le Creusot the French region of Burgundy. Where he created the brand name that’s still existing Cafes Monika. It was an old family business with the coffee roasting done according to the traditional method in which quality is not compromised by time.

In 1980 Serge went on to open his own coffee roasting and brewing shop in Burgundy, Le Grain D’Or (The Golden Grain) and began supplying roasted coffee to many French coffee shops and restaurants, also developing his expertise with the major brands of espresso coffee machines.

In 1988 Serge migrated to Australia. Fortunately for us he has brought with him the old methods which have been translated to modern tastes in what Serge calls “The New French Coffee Tradition”. On his arrival in Sydney Serge began his coffee roasting business under the brand name Siboni’s Coffee, initially concentrating on cafes and restaurants around Sydney, focussing on the ultimate coffee experience with high quality Arabica coffee beans roasted to perfection in the traditional French way.

During Serge’s time in Sydney he received the great honour of being featured in “The Food Shoppers’ Guide To Sydney” by Helen Greenwood & John Newton. In the book they mention Serge’s expertise in his field, use of top quality products and passion for his art.

2005 Siboni’s Coffee was sold to Dean and Rose Kiner who are proudly producing the same quality coffee.

In 2006 Serge Siboni striving to find his own paradise moved to the heart of the wonderful sun blessed Gold Coast. He brought his years of talent and expertise to the locals and established Go Barista.

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