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$ 679.00

  1. A compact grinder with polished stainless steel finish
  2. A direct grind on-demand model activated by a simple push
  3. 50mm tempered stainless steel flat burrs
  4. 250g bean hopper capacity
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Product Description

A smart compact grinder which will blend into most home barista set-ups. The KS is an on-demand model which aims to deliver the best flavour from your coffee once dialled in. Delivering ground coffee directly into the basket as required with the simple push of a button to activate.

With the Espresso Company range of semi-commercial grinders we are able to provide complete solutions to the fundamental requirements of the most professional home barista needs for prestige equipment: to dispense a uniform, superior, and consistent finely ground coffee for an optimum espresso preparation.

The Espresso Company KS grinder offers a direct grind on demand option for the home barista enthusiast producing the freshest ground coffee at the push of a switch.


  • Quality Construction: The powerful motor of these semi-commercial quality grinders ensures consistent grinding results required for high quality espresso machines and ultimate espresso cup quality.
  • Tempered Steel Burr Grinding Wheels: Made of tempered steel, these grinding blades will provide a long life with excellent performance. The consistent grind size is the key in the production of a superior espresso with rich flavour and aroma.
  • Grind Applications: French Press, Percolator, Vacuum Pot, Drip Coffee, Stovetop Mocha, Espresso Machines (for both traditional and pressurised filter handle types).


Additional Information

Weight 5 kg


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